A downloadable game for Windows

In Neon Wars, it is you against the world!


ESC - Shop menu
ARROW KEYS - Move & aim
Z - Fire
X - Throwable
C - Special
V - Melee attack
Shift - Switch between weapons
Ctrl - Switch to stun gun

Defeat as many enemies as possible and level up to unlock weapons & gadgets, with the neon gathered from defeated enemies you can buy stuff at the store pause menu, depending on what difficulty you are playing you'll earn more or less neon from fallen enemies, defeating a boss means an instant push to the next level

Install instructions

After the download is complete, extract the file, and open Neon Wars.exe, enjoy playing!

I would also appreciate if you comment here what you think about the game, feedback and criticism is always well received and accepted.


Neon Wars Beta v.0.10.0.zip 7 MB

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