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Who are you, soldier?

Get in the boots of a mysterious soldier who has crash-landed in the planet of Basis-9 after being stranded in space for an unknown amount of time, and must now fight for his life while also getting his memory back. What is this planet? Why are it's inhabitants attacking him? Why was he stranded in space in the first place? And most importantly, who is he?


As the soldier, go through the multiple military bases and research facilities of your enemies to escape the planet and contact a helping hand, but be careful, as you won't have time to rest unless you are out of danger.


This demo features one third of a level to test gameplay against some generic enemies, 5 weapons can be used out of 50, basic interactions with buttons and moving objects, and the basic gameplay for what the entire game will be.

Install instructions

Extract the files in the downloadable ZIP package, find the executable inside and you're ready to play the Basis 9 War DEMO


Basis-9 War DEMO v0.1.2.zip 4 MB

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